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        While I love different types of photography, I have found a passion in boudoir. I myself, have dealt with body image issues most of my life. As I've gotten older, my self confidence has grown, and it breaks my heart when I hear others put themselves down because of their looks. EVERY body is beautiful, no matter the size, shape, color, or sex. EVERY body is beautiful, no matter the scars, dimples, stretch marks, birth marks, wrinkles, or whatever "flaw" one might have. Every "flaw" you have, tells a story. A scar might tell the story of when you were young and daring, or when you survived something terrible. Those stretch marks may tell the story of the growing baby you carried. Those wrinkles show that life has thrown everything it could at you, and here you are! It's time to celebrate our bodies, instead of hiding them. Its time to LOVE our bodies, instead of shaming them! Our bodies were not meant to be one color, one shape, or perfectly smooth. Our bodies make each and every one of us unique, and WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

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